Remus Lupin (softly_scarred) wrote in quillme_rpg,
Remus Lupin

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Hey there . . . I was just thinking, if the action post I did stumped everybody I can delete it. It's not a big deal. =/ I don't want to be causing RP troubles! Let me know if you want me to delete it. I will be out of town this weekend, however, so I'll probably have to do it either tonight or when I get back.
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Deleted comment

Well I'd rather not delete it if the only reason people haven't been posting is that they're busy. Just if it had folks stumped. So . . . I guess I'll wait for more feedback? Err I dunno. =P

Deleted comment

=) Looks like it's all a-okay now. Don't worry about being busy, I can most certainly sympathize. <3

Deleted comment

Yeah, well you did and Sirius did once, but hasn't been since. I don't know where Peter is. =/ But people do seem to be trying, anyway. <3