Sirius Black (dearpadfoot) wrote in quillme_rpg,
Sirius Black

OWL POST: Sirius Black to Peter Pettigrew

Ah Wormtail, charming to hear from you. Evans does, indeed, have a cock, and James is definately sucking something of Malfoys.

Im just joshing with you, Peter, unfortuneately (for James, that is), Lily does not have a cock. Im not so sure about the James thing, but I'd think so, it sounds rather true. The whole story is basically: James is a bastard who thinks that Remus would do him, but he wouldnt really, but then he apologized so I guess the Marauders are all good to go again.

I do remember that conversation, however unlikely that might be and I never did find out who that was. If you dont like him anymore, you should tell your old pal Padfoot. He'd never tell. Never ever.


P.S. Ill take a bow for that.
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