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Thrill Me, Quill Me; Baby


(Just Another) Harry Potter RPG
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quill me; another hp rpg

Yeah, hi, welcome & all that jazz to quillme_rpg. Now, youre probably already thinking, "Okay, another Harry Potter RPG where Draco is already taken by the mod." Right? Hm? Well its not. Nope, there isnt even a Draco Malfoy (Please, take this time to inhale deeply & possibly exhale if you feel so daring), but, alas, there is a Lucius! There is also a James, a Lily, a Remus, a Sirius and a Peter and all the other characters that we all know and love yet I cannot be bothered to name.

Oh, you want to join? Onward, then..

rules & regulations

  • This is definately a slash-accepting community, het is kinda .. "Ehh.." But it is also accepted.

  • Cussing is acceptable on all extends, do it. Fuck. Oh my!

  • Do to the nature of this community, it is unlikely that we will be wanting many 12 year olds posting things such as, "And then his cock.." etc. So, yeah, dont join if youre 12, basically.

  • Letters and such can be typed, written and scanned, whatever, and must be made as an "OWL POST". Just put those exact words into your subject line and youre all set.

  • Generally, it is a good idea to friend everybody in the community (that is a character) in your characters journal so you know whats going on. All characters must have their own username. Anything will do, just make sure to get back to the mod, __theysaid, on that one.

  • Storylines keep the story, um, moving.. So do that. This RP is generally just a day-to-day thing and there can be events going on, etc. but they dont have to be planned. Note: If you plan on killing somebody off, talk to that person about it first and then the mod to see if its alright.

  • Personal journals can be personal or they can be public, but you should make every single post public even if you want it to be private. Then, we can still read it, but the characters cant know about it. If you want it private, just make sure to put that in the subject line (PRIVATE!).

  • application

    Feel free to friend this comm. and watch the on-goings of it, or you can just stop by every so often if thats your thing, whatever. All characters must friend this journal on their characters journal.

    Characters Name:
    Your Name: Or what you want to be called.
    LJ Username: YOUR Lj username, not your characters.
    Em@il/AIM: blahblah@blah.com/IAmCool
    Preferred Pairing: Sirius/Remus, James/Lily, James/Remus, etc.
    Short(ish) Fanfiction: This should be written by you, but note that this part is not required, but encouraged, for if there is two up for the part, and one turns in a fanfiction, that one is more likely to get it. Make this short-ish and of the proper pairing, or it can just be a day in the life of ____ kind of fic. Just so we know you can actually RP.

    Send all applications over to here!!


    the Marauders
    The Marauders consisted of four friends who learnt to become animagi in order to protect Remus when he became a Werewolf. They were:
  • Remus Lupin - The Werewolf; Mr. Moony was a werewolf and therefore uncontrollable when in that state.
  • Sirius Black - The wolf; Mr. Padfoot was loyal and protective, therefore being ideal for the dog animagus.
  • James Potter - The stag; Mr. Prongs was a ladies-man, therefore becoming an impressive stag.
  • Peter Pettigrew - The rat; Mr. Wormtail showed his true nature when he ditched James and Lily in their time of need, a rat being the best form for him.

  • Lily+James, Remus+Sirius
  • Lily and James are not dead, they are still at Hogwarts just as Harry was. They may or may not be dating/together/know each other/whatever at the time you start the rpg, you make it up.

  • Remus and Sirius are also young and this is mainly a fun event, and does not have to follow the books storyline completely. Creativity is a big point in this rpg.

  • You can be a teacher, and no, this roleplay is not entirely based on Moony, Padfoot, James and Lily. Be any character (that was at that time, cant be Harry or Draco, sorry there dears), make them up. Dont care. At all. Madeups are welcome as long as they fit in with everything and arent totally weird and stupid.

  • taken characters

    Sirius Black__theysaid