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Alright, Ive read all your concerns and instead of getting to each of them individually, Ive just made this post for everybody to respond to with questions and concerns and comments and ideas.

First, the plot: There is no plot, as of now, I really just wanted things to atleast start up a bit, for us to get into our characters, etc. although that doesnt seem to be working out very well. I actually do agree about the shout-fest, etc. Please forgive me, I was just having a bit of childish fun, etc. and I was extremely bored. I would just like you to realize it is only the second day, and subplots should be made between characters, etc.

I am thinking it is like the characters have livejournals, so if you guys have any ideas about the system (how to go about the livejournal concept), etc, feel free to leave a comment. Now, do we want it like a fanfic roleplay, because Im really fond of that idea, and I like it. If by this you mean typing out actions instead of just words, then Im all for it.

Owl Posts: Owl posts are not to be commented on, and AGAIN I apologize for not making this clearer. Obviously, letters cannot be commented on so Owl Posts should just be replied to by another Owl Posts, I will add this into the rules and regulations.

Muggle references: I apologize, this is me doing this, and I would just like to take this time to say it was all in good fun and now I promise to be serious and all, but I was just trying to have some fun after a week of stress. I wont do it anymore, I do asure you and Ill keep more in character then I have been doing, but this has to go for everybody, including Emily. :]

I think this is all, but if there is any other questions, please feel free to ask about them.
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