Sirius Black (dearpadfoot) wrote in quillme_rpg,
Sirius Black


A "Muggle" post: (OOC)

Well, the decision was a difficult one, but I finally choose a Remus Lupin. I enjoyed everybodies application that was sent in and am hoping this roleplay goes well. We currently need a James and a Peter, but keep in mind that madeups are welcome. I always believed that there were other people at Hogwarts that were never mentioned, so why should they not interact with the other characters? Yeah, anyway, welcome and join and be James + Peter.

Esp. Peter, nobody wants to be him.

I dont blame them. :) I will worship the person who does be him, though, ha.


Alright, now we have a Peter Pettigrew and a James Potter, so we are definately ready to start roleplaying once I get their character journals ready and all that business. All of the characters journals that have joined the community now have posting access, but your regular journals have not. If you want to make a post in OOC (which should not be often), then make it a "Muggle Post."

Anyway, whomever would like to make the first entry is surely welcome, since I am actually quite business trying to get all these journals together, etc. I might be able to make it, but if you feel bold enough, be my guest.

Your moderator,
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